The company, Stirling Harbour Services, is an owner/operator of twelve (12) tugboats engaged in aharbour towage services throughout Western Australia.

We have been using the product ‘Grease and Odour Eliminator’ (GOE), manufactured and supplied by World Waste Solutions P/L, on board all of our vessels for a number of years. GOE is used as a general cleaner and sanitary system conditioner. This product is used throughout our vessels, including the engine room, for general cleaning applications and also for unpleasant odour elimination..

GOE has proven to be so successful in its intended application that it is now used exclusively on board all our vessels. We are completely satisfied with this product and with the assistance and follow up service received from World Waste Solutions.
We would not hesitate in recommending this product to any potential users.

Gary Vink
Fleet Superintendent
Sterling Harbour Services
Freemantle, Western Australia.

We have been using your product Cleaner GOE for the past 8 months to clean my floors in the restaurant and kitchen. I have found that GOE has removed all the built up grease and oil from the kitchen floor. It also leaves a very fresh aroma in my Café. I look forward to use it on other areas as recommended by GOE.

I’m extremely happy with your product had have a peace of mind that we are not harming the environment in any way. I would highly recommend this product to other restaurants or businesses for similar uses.

Justina Yeap
Yoko’s Gourmet Café
Kardinya, Western Australia

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very delighted to be able to write a testimonial regarding GOE Products which are produced by World Waste Solutions. We have been using these products in Hyderabad, India for the last six months with quite astonishing results.

As we are a facilities company providing housekeeping services, we are often exposed to quite pungent odours that are created by poor drainage or alternatively, poor cleaning standards. We have found that the Washdown GOE can eliminate these odours within minutes and that situation prevails for a significant period of time.

Within the head office of O’Mullance Facility Services, we have had problems within our own building of slow draining drains and with the application of GOE it has totally removed this problem and all drains are now running freely.

I am more than delighted to recommend these products to any customer or distributor as I personally have tried them and find them to be of a very high standard and extremely economical (even for Indian market).

Kendra J O’Mullane
Managing Director
O’Mullane Facility Services Pvt Ltd
Hyderabad, India

We have been using your products for over three months now and are truly thrilled with the results. The State Equestrian Centre is the foremost equestrian competition, coaching and training facility in Western Australia and we have over 7000 horses passing through our stables and arenas annually.

We have successfully used Bio-GOE in our stables and stable-aisles and the constant urine and manure odour has been completely eliminated. This product has also been sprayed on our manure hoppers and manure pile with very pleasing results leaving the whole area smelling fresh and sanitized.

The cleaning staff at the Centre use Washdown-GOE to clean all areas – toilets, showers, kitchens, seating etc. This product has proven to be very efficient when used with warm water and leaves a very fresh clean aroma and great shine on all stainless steel equipment.

I have personally used the Pet GOE product in my home to eliminate pet odours and cannot speak more highly of the results.

Not only are all these products proving to be very efficient, it is also wonderful to know that with their use we are not harming the environment in any way. I would highly recommend this product to any organizations or businesses with similar uses.

Hayley Lethlean
Centre Manager
State Equestrian Centre
Western Australia

We have successfully used your company’s product “GOE” since October 1993 to eliminate odours and drain blockage problems in our Animal Houses and in particular our dog kennels at Murdoch University.

We use as recommended, dilute at 50:1 and use as a kennel, floor wash and as a deodorizing spray in the very hot weather.

I am personally pleased with the product and thoroughly recommend it to any Organisation in a similar situation.

Dennis Cortis
Chief Technician
Murdoch University
Perth, Western Australia

I have been using your product “GOE” for around two years. It has been very effective in removing odours from our toilets and has been useful as an all purpose cleaner in our kitchen.

I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to any future user.

Joe Fisher
Managing Director
Clancys Bar and Restaurant
Freemantle, Western Australia

RE: World Waste Solutions – “GOE”

This company has been using the above product for a number of years, with very satisfying results.

We find it particularly useful and successful in the suppressing of waste and sewerage drain odours. It is also used as a cleaning agent in the bucket when mopping shop floors at night.

I thoroughly recommend this product and will certainly continue to use it.

Brian Chapman
Turkey Creek Roadhouse
Kununurra, Western Australia

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