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The 3 in 1 Cleaner/Sanitizer/Odor Eliminator has become a huge favourite for many thousands of users since being introduced in the Queensland Market Place. It can be purchased from most Pet stores and Veterinary Practices.

Many Catteries will now only use “Pet Goe” as it eliminates the urine smell of the Stud Cats, with the comfort of knowing it is completely safe.

Non poisonous - Non Toxic

Totally safe for pets and humans

100% Environment friendly

Pet urine odours simply eliminated

Keeps animal areas clean and hygienic

Reduces flies and insects

Keeps drains clear, eliminating problems of built up grease, pet hair etc.

Pet “GOE” – has been specifically packaged for the “Home” market, in a ready to use, and very economical, One Litre spraypack bottle.

Catteries can purchase in bulk in the 5 Litre concentrated bottle.

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