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Marine “GOE” – For general cleaning and deodorising of ships quarters, waste systems, walkways and engine rooms. This reduces the need for many flammable and caustic solvent based chemicals. It has major benefits in bilge operations and oily water systems. Used as directed, “GOE” has proven to be an efficient and cost effective solution to cleaning and odour control problems.

The product has been used successfully for all light to moderate cleaning of decks, bulkheads, engine entablatures, accommodation spaces, sanitary areas, external decks and superstructures. It may also be used as a conditioner, cleaner and odour eliminator in biologically active sewage plants without any deleterious effects on the plant operation.

This product enhances the formation of a distinct oil / water interface within the bilge collecting tank. This improves the operation of the oily water separators by helping the detection equipment to clearly identify oily sludge from water and not choking expensive coalescing filters, reducing the risk of accidental discharge of oil into the sea.

Being 100% biodegradeable and non toxic it presents no personal or environmental hazards and does not require specialised training or protective equipment.

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